If you want to come and play, there is no equipment necessary – we can lend you everything you need. If you want to play  on your own bike, there are no great requirements for what kind of bike you can play on, but some general rules of thumb are:

  • Something which can go in a low gear – as the you will stop and start a lot when playing, the ability to speed away in a low gear is a necessity
  • Mountain bike style bars, not drops/bullhorns
  • Nothing pointy or sharp that may hurt you or others if you come off
  • Fixed gear or freewheel – it is up to you. Almost everyone plays on a freewheel, but most started playing fixed gear, so it isn’t a hindrance when starting out
  • Don’t play on anything you don’t mind scratching/denting/breaking

If you want to start playing properly you will want to build up a dedicated polo bike, but that isn’t necessary if you’re just interested in giving it a go

Other equipment we use:

  • Mallet – these are generally bought from a few companies that have been set up by bike polo players. Magic Bike Polo is part of the London community, so try them first if you ware looking to buy equipment.
  • Helmet – we do come off of our bikes, and you will do so quite a lot when starting out. We tend to wear helmets, though this isn’t enforced. Some wear normal cycling helmets, and others chose to protect their faces with ice hockey or hurling helmets.
  • Gloves – taking a mallet to the hand is not an uncommon occurrence, so wearing gloves is advised. We tend to wear lacrosse gloves, as they give extra protection
  • Leg/arm pads/knee pads – some wear them, most don’t – it’s a personal choice.